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Ready to take a next step in spiritual formation?

We are passionate about growing believers in their relationship with Christ. At Nona Church, we offers a variety of groups that will develop your faith no matter where you are in your walk with Christ. Click “Learn More” under any of the areas below to fill out a quick form, and our team will connect with you soon!
Community Group
Rebuild Group
Community Group is a place where you can grow spiritually in consistent relationship with others. Typically, a Community Group is made up of 8-15 people who meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for group spiritual discussion, prayer, and encouragement. A Community Group provides the space to share life with others as you together progress in your discipleship to Jesus.
A Rebuild Group is a place to work through "wounds of the heart." A Rebuild Group is a safe, multi-session small group where people with heart wounds can find healing, engage with Scripture, and become more resilient. Rebuild Groups are led by certified facilitators and cover topics such as God's presence in suffering, grieving, and forgiveness. Rebuild Groups are meant for those ages 18 and older and are not intended to be a replacement for professional mental health care.
Do you know what's at the base of your faith? Are you equipped to pass on the essentials of the Way of Jesus to those you lead? Foundations is a space for you to dig down deep to the fundamental elements of Christianity and be developed, equipped, taught, and resourced to learn and lead in the Way of Jesus.