In-person gatherings cancelled this weekend, March 15. Join us online for "Church at Home" starting at 8am on Sunday, March 15. Find it down below and on our Facebook and YouTube!

Our team

Collin Outerbridge

Lead Pastor

Andrew Axsom

Gatherings & Mission Director

Jennifer Stoltzfus

Spiritual Formation Director

Lindsay Flemming

Family Ministry Director

Lauro Soto

Worship & Creative Arts Director

Tiffany Travelute

Technical & Communications Director

Axel Vazquez

NonaStudents & Creative Arts Coordinator

Ann Albin

Leadership Development & HR Director

Phil Jamison

Operations Manager

Support Team

Sharon Dotson

Executive Assistant

Emily Colton

NonaKids Placement & Care Specialist

Susan Harmon

NonaKids Administrative Assistant

Logan Fry

Events & Hospitality Coordinator

Paul Rogers

Safety Team Coordinator

Stephanie Duggins

First Step Coordinator

Sheryl Knox

Next Step Coordinator

Russ Hersman

NonaGlobal Coordinator

Interns & Residents

Jonathan Engebretsen