In-person gatherings cancelled this weekend, March 15. Join us online for "Church at Home" starting at 8am on Sunday, March 15. Find it down below and on our Facebook and YouTube!


Know & Take

NonaStudents is where your students can find a community where they can belong and encounter Jesus in a real, passionate, and authentic way. We are passionate about helping all students know and take their next best step in following Jesus.

Student Lounge

On Sunday mornings, at 11:15 am, the upstairs lobby turns into our Student Lounge. As a student, this is an unstructured, casual hangout space on Sunday mornings. Food and drinks are provided alongside various other optional hangout activities.

Small Groups

Small groups take place weekly. At small groups you will engage in personal relationships and discussion with one another and your group leader. We separate for groups based off of grade level. If you are a Middle School student, you meet during the 10 am service at the YMCA on Sunday mornings and if you’re a High School student, groups meet during the week, typically on Wednesday nights at various locations around the community.

Large Groups

Large group gatherings for Nona Students are something you definitely won’t want to miss! Food, fun, and the Word are the themes of our time together! During large group, you are fed, compete in games and various competitions, partake in worship and hear a brief message. Large group gatherings take place once-a-month from 6:00-8:00 pm on Sunday evenings at the YMCA. Gathering Schedule 2020: Jan. 12, Feb. (Winter Weekend Retreat), Mar. 29, Apr. 19, May. 17

Serving Opportunities

We have various opportunities to volunteer with our students between our group settings and student lounge. All volunteers who serve with Nona Students are expected to undergo a background check before joining us.

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