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Welcome to NonaKids

We are privileged to partner with your family as you take your next best step in following Jesus
and growing with your relationships with God and others.

At NonaKids, we teach the Gospel each and every Sunday through focusing on one of our six Foundational Truths. It's our hope that kids of all ages will learn these truths and can use them to share about their faith on the playground. We want kids to have a foundation of Biblical truth as they interpret the world around them, and form beliefs about God and people. You can click below to see our Foundational Truths Table!

Sunday Morning NonaKids

We offer NonaKids during our in-person worship gathering as a first-come, first-serve basis. There will also be special seating around tables for parents and children to worship together in the auditorium.


Through songs, crafts, story-time and play preschoolers learn that God loves them and the Bible is a practical guidebook for life. We provide at-home devotional materials that you can use throughout the week to talk to your children about God.

Kindergarten-5th Grade

For the big kids, we learn about God through fun-filled, interactive experiences led by devoted leaders. In small groups, we focus on building friendships and learning how the Bible applies to our everyday lives.

Child Dedication

Child dedications are a commitment made between the child's family and their church family, to raise their child in an environment where they can know, and have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Serving Opportunities

Whether you're a student or a parent, you can make a difference in the lives of kids each week. When you volunteer with NonaKids, you are training tomorrow’s superheroes, and transforming your own life as you watch them grow into who God has created them to be. Check out this video to learn more about what volunteering with NonaKids is like!

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