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Gospel Primacy

The good news of Jesus changes everything, and it must be at the beginning, middle, and end of every global endeavor.

Local Church Ministry

We partner with local churches abroad, supporting their ministries, strategies, and leadership. 

Unreached Peoples

We focus our efforts on bringing the Gospel to those people groups who have had the least exposure to it.

Church Planting

We emphasize the establishment, growth, and multiplication of new churches as a ministry strategy.

Cross-Cultural Ministry

We support long-term workers and ministries who cross cultural divisions with the unifying message of the Gospel.

Choose your next step

Nona Church sends short-term teams to serve long-term missionaries and local churches in accomplishing their vision for ministry. We also partner with and send missionaries around the globe so that people from every people group can know and take their next best step in following Jesus. Click a button below to see how you can get involved!


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